Water Softener Maintenance

Water softening is a household appliance which is very essential for our homes. We cannot drink hard water. It causes many problems to our health and body. If you maintain your water softener it will last for long and will function properly. So, it is very important to check your water softener regularly.

How to check water softener?

The very first step is to check the salt level. As we all know that salt is the essential part of water softening method. Salt regenerates the resin beads to prepare water for more softening.  Without this method the water will remain with beads and will ineffective.

Water Softener MaintenanceAdd salt regularly to your purifier system and do check if salt level is under half full. Next you must know what kind of salt you need to add to your purifier to soften the water.  Water softening system need either one of these Tablet, granular or Block salt. Tablet salt is the most commonly used salt and most systems require this salt to soften the water.

Next main thing we need to take care of its regular checking of water softening system.  If you find that solid particles build up of salt in the brine tank. Salt is bridging in the bottom, it means salt may not be coming into contact with the water and it’s stopping the resin beads from regenerating and not softening the water.

If you find that the brine tank is not working fine, clean it. When you clean out the brine tank always make sure that you allow all the salt in the system to dissolve first before scrubbing thoroughly with soapy water and filling it back up again. If you do this you can check by yourself that there is no build up residue.

All salt based water softener work in the same process. To work in a flow a water purifier should be free from any obstacles. A clean nozzle and clean venturi  is necessary for the purifier to work properly. This small units helps the suction to move brine from the brine tank into the resin tank. If the nozzle is clear it will help the other unit to work properly.

Always put proper and right kind of salt to your water softener system. If you do not take care of these small things then hard crust or salt bridge forms in the brine a hollow area below the salt in the water softener. It sometimes occurs due to high humidity of putting wrong kind of salt. If there is any hollow space made in between or below the salt then salt will not dissolve in water to make brine. And without brine the resin beads does not regenerate and water will not get soften. We will get hard water.

How does Water Softener work?

We do not require filling the softener brine tank with water. Water is pumped into the bottom of the tank and water level rises under control of a brine level and float, then pumping stops and salt in it gets dissolves and salty water is pumped back out. The small tube is the place of brine level float control and is found in the salt tank at one side. Water passes from the water softener resin tank into the brine tank through tube to dissolve salt and the salty water pumped back through the resin tank through that same tube. So, how this water softener works.  Water softener devices are now available in all stores and online stores. They tend to make life easier and healthier. Be sure to check them out today and implement a water softener device in your home today and have a peaceful life.